Genuine wood siding, natural through and through!

Given its unique characteristics, it is not surprising that so many types of siding are attempts to imitate real wood. Here are 5 reasons why this noble material remains unbeatable despite the evolution of new technologies.

1. The texture and patterns of the wood

Nothing rivals the rich, natural texture of wood, its smell, its ability to be shaped easily, and the uniqueness of its patterns. The repetitive and unnatural patterns of imitation materials often betray the failed attempt to create a resemblance.

sidex-fibro sidex-bois

2. Wood is 100% natural

With genuine wood… what you see is what you get on all sides of the material. Nothing is hidden. No synthetic or artificial material is added to its composition, nothing is hidden behind a beautiful-looking surface. All natural, through and through!

3. Wood is repairable

In the event that it is scratched, dented or damaged in some way, it will not reveal anything unknown or vulnerable to the elements beneath its surface. The advantage provided by wood is that it can be touched up and maintained indefinitely, compared to many other imitation materials. For instance, take hardwood floors, which can be sanded and stained for decades, while retaining their old charm.

4. Wood is timeless

Imitation siding often comes with a less practical feature, that of being just a passing trend. Respected and used for centuries worldwide, wood undoubtedly will maintain its distinguished appearance over time!


5. Wood stands out

Just like floors, a house covered in a noble siding, such as wood, stands out from the others and provides added value at the time of a potential resale.


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