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Red cedar interior siding

SIDEX red cedar siding is proudly sourced in Western Canada and processed at our Magog plant.

Grade: knotty or clear?
Two criteria will guide your decision. First, visually, the clear cedar siding offers a much more refined and modern look than the knotty cedar siding. However, its cost is much higher, as each board is carefully selected. Your budget could therefore impact your decision.

The red cedar siding ads an incomparable look to any architecture. It is often chosen for the natural richness of its coloring, which varies from board to board. It is therefore to appreciate its advantages that it is most used with a semi-transparent coating. More regular maintenance is therefore necessary to keep the coating and the protection it offers intact.

Main advantages
If compared to white cedar, it offers more possibilities in terms of widths and lengths of boards since its trees are naturally larger. The red cedar siding is therefore offered in several profiles (decline, chic, v-joint) in widths of 4’’, 5’’ and 6’’. Other formats may be available if needed.


Cedars offer many advantages if you are looking for a lasting quality that easily spans the years. As they are rot-proof and insect repellents, they are more resistant to bad weather and threats from the environment.

Cedars are also more physically stable, making them less likely to twist or crack over time. The variation in humidity and outside temperature causes what is called the dimensional variation of the wood, which causes it to expand and shrink slightly over the seasons. The composition of the cedar planks ensures that this dimensional variation is kept to a minimum.

The tannins that give these interesting benefits to the cedar siding are however the same that you must know how to control during the coating process to limit the counterparts. This is why SIDEX products are processed in a controlled environment from start to finish and why our company has developed this expertise in the last 15 years.

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