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Spruce exterior siding

Grade and quality
SIDEX spruce sidings are premium grade and are not a spruce-pine-fir blend like some competitors. We even guarantee a minimum of 75% of lengths from 14 to 16 feet in standard products. A unique offer on the market!

Mostly chosen for its availability, it offers a lot of versatility in terms of widths and length ratios. The spruce exterior siding can therefore be selected in all profiles and widths. The opaque, two-tone and semi-transparent finishes are all a great fit for this species. The frequency of maintenance, referred as the minimum number of years before needing to add a new coat of stain, and the visibility of the wood grain will guide your decision for the best type of coating for your project.

Advantages and disadvantages
Cheaper than cedars, spruce lets you take advantage of all the benefits of wood at a more affordable price. It is the most popular choice among Quebecers. However, its physical stability is not as important as that of cedar siding and may be less durable in the long term.


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