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White pine


The pine available from SIDEX is mostly white pine sourced in Eastern Canada.
White pine, a species native to Quebec, is the largest conifer in eastern Canada and its wood is the least resinous of all pines. Rapidly growing, the tree sometimes reaches up to 90 meters in height and 250 centimeters in diameter. Uniform texture, white pine is used in particular for moldings, cabinetry, doors and windows, paneling and DIY work. Its wood is soft, varying from creamy white to yellow. It is recognized for the fineness of its grain, its stability, the ease with which it can be machined and dyed. 

Grades and uses at SIDEX

Knotty white pine:
For interior paneling and other related products, mainly when you want to show the knots that characterize it.

Allows wide and long planks given the characteristics of the tree allowing it. Pine knots remain difficult to completly cover with OPAQUE stain so we do not favor it for interior paneling stained in pale opaque colors. 

White pine (clear of knots):
For the interior paneling, wanting a more modern and upscale touch.

The knots having been subtracted from the raw material during the classification of the wood, the dimensions (widths & lengths) available are rarer. Although it is also more often offered in a semi-transparent stain, the absence of knots males it easier to use an opaque stain where necessary.

Jointed white pine: 
For interior paneling. It is the best option for paneling to be stained opaque since knots have been removed. 

The boards are the result of a process of joining small pieces end to end, therefore without knots and therefore offer an economical solution.


In conclusion, in addition to the economic choice, what will guide the choice will above all be the desired visual aspect. Opaque or semi-transparent finish!


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